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CONSUMER ALERT: Identity Thieves are Targeting Your Kids

Cyber Criminals Steal Kids' Social Security Numbers and Run Up Thousands of Dollars in Fraudulent Charges. Learn How to Protect Your Family.

by M. Lutz
Feature Editor

(Ashburn, VA) Could your child be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt without you even knowing? Many families are discovering that identity thieves have put their kids are deep in debt, and if you aren't careful it could happen to your family. According to a recent study, child identity theft is growing at an alarming rate. It’s estimated that over 9 million people have their identity stolen each year, including over 400,000 kids.

Researchers found that a shocking 10% of children had SSNs that were currently being used by someone else!

  • One 17-year old girl's SSN was used by eight different people to accumulate $725,000 in debt.
  • A 14-year-old boy was found to have a 10-year credit history that included a mortgage on a $605,000 house.
  • One 3 year-old girl's identity was stolen by two local men who racked up $750,000 in debt.

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How do these thieves do it? Thanks to software that predicts social security numbers, identity thieves can often steal a baby’s social security number before the child is even born. Unfortunately, child identity theft usually goes undetected until the child grows up and begins to apply for credit cards and student loans.

How can you prevent you or your family from falling victim to ID theft?

Teach cyber safety. Children need to learn not to post personal information on the Internet. And they should be taught to notify parents when someone online asks for Social Security numbers or passwords.

Look for red flags. Are debt collectors calling your child? Is your 12-year-old getting credit or debt consolidation offers? Does a relative receive bills addressed to your firstgrader? All these should raise suspicions and prompt you to investigate.

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